A family photo shoot in Toulouse

My mission as a photographer?

Capture wonderful moments of family happiness, and get memories that last a lifetime. Children grow up fast, and images stick.

A family photo shoot in Toulouse

Today, I’ll give you an appointment for a family photo shoot in Toulouse. It was made during this beautiful month of December in a park near Toulouse.

R & M want to do a natural session to get pretty spontaneous portraits of their first child. We exchange by phone to choose the place where we will do the photo shoot. The couple wants to take the photos in a park or garden. We then choose a park outside the city center for tranquility. During this discussion, give them advice on how to carry out this session. A few days before, I send them my latest recommendations by e-mail.

At the end of autumn, there are always magnificent days and beautiful light. So we will enjoy it with the family.

The photo session begins between bricks typical of the Toulouse region, and a warm atmosphere.

Then, I take advantage of the moments of games with the mother to capture her precious moments of happiness. Their son, M, is very much alive. The photos are then very expressive.

Because a family begins first with a couple, I immortalize a stolen kiss between two poses with their child, with a magnificent light for this very end of autumn.

The session therefore ends here. The images will be sent to the family later by e-mail. They will find them in the customer area of the site !

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