Make a photo shoot in winter in Toulouse

Can we do a photo shoot in winter in Toulouse?

In summer, the days are long and hot. The light is warm. It then seems easy to carry out a photo shoot. In winter, the days get shorter. The temperatures are cooler and the weather more gloomy.

So, can we still have a nice photo shoot in winter in Toulouse? The advantage of winter is that the temperatures are cooler and the light less harsh, which can be pleasant for you.

The photos that I present to you in this article were taken in the months of November to March, under different weather conditions.

As you will see in this article, there are beautiful sunny days in winter. This will allow us to do a winter photo session in Toulouse, and even outdoor portrait sessions!

Outdoor portrait sessions in winter in Toulouse


Black & white photo shoots

Obviously, not all days are sunny and bright during the winter period. So, when the sky is cloudy, I can also offer you beautiful black and white photos, or photos in the streets of Toulouse. 

The photos below were taken on a (very) cloudy day. If you like black and white photos, with a beautiful contrast, doing a photo shoot in winter will please you!

Or in another place

Finally, in winter, the weather is sometimes gloomy, rainy, or cold. In this case, there is also the possibility of carrying out beautiful sessions at your home or in any other covered place. Why not try a session at home, a café, a restaurant or even a hotel? 

Great lover of Toulouse cafes and atypical places, I will try to offer you an indoor alternative.

When you make your reservation, we can then discuss the different possibilities.

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