Visit Lauzerte

If you are visiting Occitania, you may be looking for pretty villages; I advise you to visit Lauzerte in the Tarn et Garonne. It is a very pretty village, perched high up. Listed in the most beautiful villages of France, Lauzerte is really a place to visit!

Mariage Elopement Toulouse

All about copyright

Copyright, what is it? Can you use works, or images without precaution? How are the works produced protected?

To answer all these questions, I contacted Kelly Hazan, lawyer at the Paris Bar, partner at Hazan Avocats. To contact her, her email is

Seance Photo Famille Toulouse au Jardin Japonais

A family photo shoot in Toulouse

My mission as a photographer? Capture wonderful moments of family happiness, and get memories that last a lifetime. Today, I give you an appointment for a family photo shoot in Toulouse during this beautiful month of December in a park near Toulouse.

seance photo couple toulouse

Make a photo shoot in winter in Toulouse

Can we make beautiful photo shoots in winter? The advantage of winter is that the temperatures are cooler and the light less harsh, which can be pleasant for you. Let me show you that there are very beautiful sunny days in winter. This will allow us to take beautiful shots, for outdoor portrait sessions.