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Mariage Elopement Toulouse

All about copyright

Copyright, what is it? Can you use works, or images without precaution? How are the works produced protected?

To answer all these questions, I contacted Kelly Hazan, lawyer at the Paris Bar, partner at Hazan Avocats. To contact her, her email is

Dare to be different!

Through this artistic and photographic project, I wanted to show that difference is a wealth for everyone. This is also the message that the participants also wanted to show. Dare to be different, and make your difference your strength!

mariage intimiste dans les pyrénées

Why choose an eco-responsible photographer?

Why choose an eco-responsible photographer? You  have questions about eco-responsibility in the field of photography? Why choose an eco-responsible photographer? In this article, I will explain how I produce photo reports while respecting the environment, without neglecting quality. Indeed, photography