Why choose an eco-responsible photographer?

Why choose an eco-responsible photographer?

You  have questions about eco-responsibility in the field of photography? Why choose an eco-responsible photographer? In this article, I will explain how I produce photo reports while respecting the environment, without neglecting quality.

Indeed, photography can be seen as a polluting activity, by the material, the impressions generated but also the digital archiving. In order to minimize the impact of my activity on the environment, I undertake to offer you an eco-responsible and societal approach. In a wedding, the first costs are the travel of the guests and the caterer. However, other service providers should not be  neglected in terms of impact!

For this, I was trained in environmental professions with the obtaining of a specialized master’s degree in “Sustainable Development and Climate Change Management” at TBS in 2014.

In this article, I will detail in more concrete terms what I do on a daily basis in my work as an eco-responsible entrepreneur.

  • This therefore requires a choice of used professional equipment, and minimalist, which can be supplemented by rental. I have the necessary equipment for the majority of my services, especially for portraits, but also the shooting of premises. I will talk about my equipment in a future article, but I have two boxes, as well as five versatile lenses. When I realize that I am not using a lens or an accessory, I resell it.
  • I optimize my trips: I mainly base my activity as a photographer in Occitania, where I live. For this, I favor the use of public transport when the service allows it (Toulouse city center). For trips further from my home, I choose (if possible) to take the train, and I organize my schedule in order to perform several services in the same place.
  • The environmental impact of a photographer on the internet is very important, especially with online backups. For this, I limit the duration of use of the galleries. I chose backup solutions with French servers, as well as a French online gallery. Obviously, in case of specific need on your part, I adapt to your wishes.
  • In order to limit impressions, I do not include prints or accessories in the packages, and they will be added according to your wishes. It also allows me to adapt as closely as possible to your needs, and to add only the print or photo album you want.
  • In order to limit printing, I no longer produce any paper brochures, and I minimize business card printing. For this, the brochures are directly available on my website, and I created an account on linktree in order to reduce the business cards.
  • I am totally transparent about my business, and I do the majority of the activities myself, with the exception of some designs, and the design of the website. When I have the opportunity to choose service providers, I undertake to work as much as possible with local collaborators. Currently, I worked with a communication agency based in the south of Toulouse and a graphic designer from Toulouse.
  • The prices are transparent and at the right price in order to allow me to pay business expenses and myself. It is for this reason that you will not see promotions and sales. Only a few formulas are only offered on certain weekends in the year: in particular the mini-sessions are low-cost sessions, all carried out on the same date and in the same place.
  • Every year, I make donations to associations for the protection and preservation of nature (about 2% of annual turnover).
  • Finally, I myself am committed to several causes. So every year I carry out a personal project that you will see appear in future articles. The project I am actively working on at the moment is Disability and Invisible Difference. Stay Tuned!
I have therefore set up an eco-responsible charter , in order to limit the impact of my services by having minimalist and simplicity as a guideline while maintaining a strong professionalism!

The images that illustrate this article are from the project on dance, to be found on this blog article !

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me or follow me on social media .

Have a good day.