What is the process of a professional meeting?

You are a professional and you are probably looking to take professional portraits as part of your business. If you have a presence on the internet, it is an essential step in the life of your business. Good communication will be a considerable asset for your business.

What is the process of a professional meeting?

Laura Palmer is a graphic designer and illustrator from Nantes, whom I met when she was living in Toulouse. You may have already seen his universe if you follow me on Instagram. Indeed, it was Laura who designed my visual identity as well as my logo.

So I made a professional photo session for his activity as a graphic designer.

Preparation for Laura’s professional session

Laura wanted a photo shoot that looked like her: feminine and professional. We exchange by phone to define the atmosphere and the place of the session. We also talk about her outfit and her wishes. I’m sending her a guide so that she can prepare with peace of mind. If she wants, she can send me an inspirational moodboard.

We then decided to make portraits of her at her office. Then we will highlight her work as a graphic designer and also as an illustrator.

After this telephone exchange, I send her an advice guide so that she can prepare for the session.

Between photo portraits and illustrations, welcome to the world of Laura, seen through my lens.

First, Laura sits at her desk to display her work in progress. She also show me completed works. Then, we choose to make a portrait in front of his pretty wall of illustration.

After a presentation of his professional activity, we completely change the atmosphere, to opt for more relaxed photos, which look like him.

Laura's testimony

I had the chance to do a professional photo session with Zelie recently and everything went very well. I chose a place that I know, in which I am comfortable and I had fitted it out for the needs of the session. I had thought about a few shots I wanted; these ideas were supplemented by those of Zelie and the result is very nice. She also advised me on the poses to do, while chatting with me, so it went very smoothly. She didn't hesitate to take a lot of shots, which allows for more natural moments captured. No need to be a model to do a session like this, you just have to be yourself in a place that you like and the photographer does wonders!

Portraits corporate pour site web
Laura Palmer
Graphic designer & Illustrator

After the photo shoot

Laura’s professional session ends here. Once the session is over, I go back to work on the pretty images from my computer. I will send her the photos later by email via a private gallery so that she can make her selection. They will be available on the customer area of my website.

To find Laura’s work, you can visit her website or follow her on social networks.

If you also want a professional photo session, you can contact me by e-mail or on social networks .

Have a good day !