Why do a first photoshoot

Why do a first photo shoot? When to book your first photo experience? And how is this first shoot going?

I want to do a photo shoot, but I don’t dare!

A few years ago, I was afraid of my image, of my reflection. So I didn’t like who I was, and I didn’t understand how anyone could love me back. Little by little photography came into my life. I learned to do selfies, self-portraits, photo shoots.

Then, in front of my lens, I saw models and photo models. I learned that everyone has complexes. Even the people I looked up to. Photography and photo shoots taught me to love myself.

If I succeeded, you too can do it!

Dare … phototherapy?

Do you want to improve the image you have of yourself? What if you dared phototherapy to learn to love yourself again?
Many photographers also offer these experiences to help build self-esteem.

If you want to dare a therapeutic session, I advise you to find out about the training courses carried out by the photographer. Not being trained to carry out wellness photo sessions, I do not offer support … for the moment. An article will be available on the blog at the end of the year.

Why and when to have a photo session with an image professional?

Take portraits for yourself

First of all, you may want to do a photo shoot for yourself, to feel good and appreciate your image at its true value. It can also be to get nice profile pictures for you, but also to use on your social networks or even on dating sites. If you are hesitant for a first experience, why not try a mini-session during a weekend dedicated to this?

Enjoy moments of life

A photo shoot can also be done during life events. What will remain of this moment once this precious event is over? Wonderful memories anchored in your memories… Ephemeral memories, which can be reactivated thanks to the photographs that will have been taken that day! Indeed, after the past event, you will obtain magnificent photos, eternal memories, to put as wallpaper on your smartphone, or to hang at home.

Highlight your professional activity

Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur or have a business or a professional activity on your own, image is a key element in convincing your future customers via your social networks or your website. Quality shots allow your future customers to identify themselves and visualize the services that you will be able to offer them.

When you have a place for your activity, magnificent photos of the place will make your future customers want to come and visit you. When you work in the hotel industry, photos have become essential, especially with the increase in online bookings. Booking a professional photo session will allow you to reassure your customers for their future bookings. Perhaps, are you in the sale of products? A professional photo report will allow you to highlight your products, improve your content on the internet, and demonstrate the professionalism of your company.

Curious to find out how a (first) photo session takes place? Still a little patience, a blog article will soon be published on the subject!

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