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Portraits in a Toulouse restaurant

Doing a photo shoot in a restaurant is a great experience. Indeed, it allows you to be in a quiet place. And then, being in a restaurant or in a café allows you to obtain different atmospheres, with different outfits. In addition, a restaurant offers shelter from the heat in summer or the rain in winter. Between the different warm atmospheres of the restaurant, find this summer-like photo shoot.

Finnish Lapland travelogue

Throwback to my trip to Lapland in February 2022. You will find advice before departure, equipment, activities, clothing, and finally hunting for the northern lights!

mariage intimiste dans les pyrénées

Why choose an eco-responsible photographer?

Why choose an eco-responsible photographer? You  have questions about eco-responsibility in the field of photography? Why choose an eco-responsible photographer? In this article, I will

visiter toulouse photographe

Visit Toulouse

Are you planning to visit Toulouse, a must-see city in Occitania? You will find my TOP of the best places in Toulouse to walk around, take beautiful photos and visit Toulouse.

Seance photo grossesse Toulouse

Why do a first photoshoot

Why do a first photo shoot? Are you hesitating to book a session? When to reserve it? A few tips for you before you dare to take that first step!