Visit Toulouse

Are you planning to visit Toulouse, a must-see city in Occitania? You will find my TOP of the best places to walk, take photos to visit Toulouse!

My top 10 for visiting Toulouse:

1. Port de la Daurade and the dome of La Grave hospital to watch the sunset

2. Port Viguerie to admire a sunrise

3. Place du Capitole, the Donjon du Capitole, the Salle des Illustres

4. Old Toulouse: Carmes, Esquirol, chalets

5. A few museums : Augustins museum, museum of old Toulouse, Les Jacobins, Halle de la machine

6. The Canal du Midi , the Canal de Brienne, Port Saint-Sauveur, Port de l’embouchure

7. Visit a few parks and gardens : Japanese garden, royal garden, and botanical garden

8. Visit Pech David

9. Go visit Aeroscopia

10. Bonus – Go for a coffee at Ma Biche on the Roof

The most photographed place in Toulouse is the La Grave hospital and its dome.

You can observe them from the quays of Tounis or from the port of La Daurade. The place is perfect for admiring the sunset, taking a walk, or having a picnic with friends. If the weather is nice, this is obviously the ideal place to meet other Toulouse photographers! If you like to get up early, you can watch the sunrises from Port Viguerie, on the other side of the Garonne.

When visiting Toulouse, it is essential to stop and admire the Place du Capitole as well as the Donjon du Capitole in which you will find the tourist office. The town hall of the Capitol, and the hall of the illustrious deserve to stop at this place. The Salles des Illustres is where weddings in Toulouse are held.

Stroll through old Toulouse? Without a doubt, you should not leave Toulouse without having strolled through the alleys of the Carmes, the Esquirol district or the Chalets! You will see the charm of the so-called Toulouse houses and the bricks!

Toulouse is also a city through which the Canal du Midi passes. If you don’t know, I definitely advise you to go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride along the Canal du Midi or the Canal De Brienne. My favorite places are Port de l’Embouchure, Port Saint-Sauveur, Port Sud de Ramonville.
Which museums to visit in Toulouse? I advise you to visit the Augustins museum, located in the city center as well as the Jacobins convent.

If you like new experiences, I advise you to go to the machine hall! You will meet the Minotaur there, and a giant spider! Perhaps you will also see Long Ma there.

If you are curious, or if you like nature, I strongly advise you to go to the heights of Pech David. You will see Toulouse there, but also the Pyrenees if the weather is nice. The place is perfect for picnicking, but watch out for the wind!

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