How to choose your (wedding) photographer?

You may be looking for a photographer for yourself or someone close to you. You may be wondering how to choose your (wedding) photographer. What criteria should be taken into account? How to make a choice ?

His universe, his style, his approach

The most important thing is that the universe of the photographer you contact speaks to you. The images shown on social networks must appeal to you.

There are many styles and currents in photography. For example, Fine Art, Moody, Moody Leger, Fearless are several fairly widespread current trends. There are many others, and above all each photographer is unique.

Some photographers have a studio, or a home studio. The photo style will not be the same at all and will be less natural. The photos will then be more posed. If you want photos with a setting, or a white background, it will be wiser to refer you to a studio photographer.

Two photographers who realize the same wedding will not deliver the same report at all.

During the A&P wedding at the Moulin de Rudelle, I accompanied the Toulouse photographer Christelle Lacour. Here are some pictures I took during the couple session of this lovely day.

And here are some photos taken by Christelle Lacour , who has a very different style of photography from mine, almost at the same time. The artistic choices made by each photographer therefore impact the style of the photos rendered.

The availability

Obviously, there are other important criteria for choosing your photographer. For example, a very important criterion to ask quickly is the availability of the selected photographer. If you have a date chosen for your photo session, or your wedding, it is better to know quickly if this day is still available.

His offer

In addition, it is also necessary to know what offer the photographer offers. Does he have a specialization? Can he do the session you want?

For example, a photographer who only produces food will not necessarily be able to report on your wedding.

Obviously, in the offer, it is necessary to take into account its price. If the price of the professional is totally far from your wishes or your budget at this time, it is better to contact someone else. To find out more about the rates, do not hesitate to consult the blog article on the subject.

Her personality

Finally, the personality of the photographer you choose is also an element to take into account. For this, do not hesitate to discuss with your photographer, or to meet him.

If you have any questions, or doubts about how to choose your photographer, do not hesitate to send me a message on the networks  social.