Getting married at the Château de Nolet

Choosing to get married at the Château de Nolet is a very good choice. Indeed, the estate is magnificent and the photo report will be spectacular!

Getting married at the Château de Nolet

M&E’s wedding was celebrated at an estate near Toulouse, the Château de Nolet . 30 minutes from Blagnac , and 40 minutes from Toulouse , this estate is ideal if you are getting married in town. The estate is absolutely sublime, even when the weather is cloudy or even stormy, like that day. It consists of the castle itself, a superb orangery, and pretty outbuildings to accommodate guests. The reception can be both indoors and outdoors.

What alternatives are possible when rain is forecast?

When you get married, you cannot know the weather in advance. As the saying goes, rainy marriage, happy marriage . RNothing will prevent you from celebrating your beautiful day, provided you anticipate! For that, I advise you to read the dedicated blog article on the subject !

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Before the religious ceremony, preparations at the estate

We begin the preparations of the two newlyweds at the estate. Getting ready in the reception area is ideal. You can both get ready in the same place, in a very beautiful setting.

Once the preparations are complete, the groom and his witnesses leave in a first procession. We leave the estate with the bride so that the father of the bride discovers her before leaving in a beautiful old car decorated for the occasion. Then, the newlyweds will discover each other in the church.

We go to the Church of Blagnac where the guests and the groom are waiting to discover the bride. It is during this magnificent ceremony that the bride and groom will say yes.

The end of the religious ceremony: a magnificent moment long awaited!

The exit from the church of Blagnac is very successful and really very beautiful. If you’re getting married and you’re wondering how to make a successful outing, know that it’s not very difficult. Define together before the ceremony how you want to go out, and in what order. In general, you will go out together last. Ask your guests to make a semi-circle around the door through which you will exit. You can possibly ask for help from your witnesses, or close friends to get out when all your guests are positioned.

Back to the domain for the wine of honor!

After these beautiful emotional moments, we return to the Nolet estate to take couple and group photos. During the time of the ceremony, the area was carefully prepared with the decorations chosen by the bride and groom. The reception and the evening will take place in the magnificent orangery of the estate. The ceiling has been decorated, and has a superb luminous sky which will give a very beautiful rendering during the dance party!

By choosing to get married at the Château de Nolet, the couple session will be carried out in a sublime setting! Most of it will be done that day in the castle, which offers a beautiful setting and shelter from the rain.

The highlight of the vin d’honneur: the tossing of the bouquet!

After the group and couple photos, the bride will perform the traditional bouquet toss! The bouquet will be thrown by the bride in the park of the Domaine de Nolet, and will be caught by a little girl present that day! If you wish not to damage your beautiful bouquet for this moment, you can request a second one for this occasion.

The vin d’honneur will be launched inside the superb glass roof, because a nice downpour was taking place at that time. If you are getting married, even in summer, always plan a back-up solution for the reception, the couple session, and the group photos.

Once the wine of honor is over, the bride and groom will sit down to eat. Between the different dishes, the traditional slideshows and other games will make the guests laugh. The witnesses will have managed to surprise the bride and groom and make the room laugh.

The long-awaited showpiece will herald the start of a wonderful evening for the bride and groom and their loved ones. After dessert, thehe opening of the ball will be performed on a great Disney classic … enough to amaze the guests! The secret to a successful ball opening? Lots of love, and a little workout! Many couples choose to take lessons to perfect their first dance.

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