Getting married at the town hall of Toulouse

Getting married to the Marie de Toulouse? Ranked among the most beautiful town halls in France, it is really  a great place to unite for life. As a wedding photographer, I  can only tell you how lucky you are to  celebrate your union in this beautiful place!  The town hall of Toulouse has in the Capitol, a sublime room for weddings: the hall of the illustrious. 

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The elements indicated in this article are taken from  mostly from my experience as a wedding photographer. However, information may change. If you notice any changes during your wedding, feel free to send me an email or a message on Instagram to update this article.

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About the town hall of Toulouse, the Capitole

The town hall of Toulouse is located in the Capitol, a monument whose construction was decided in the 12th century by the capitouls. In front of the Capitol, on the Place du Capitole side, you can see the Occitan cross, made up of twelve branches. On the other side, on Square Charles de Gaulle, the Donjon du Capitole (former archive tower) houses the Tourist Office. Entrance to the Capitol can be done from both sides.

Moreover, the visit of this beautiful monument is free, and open to all. Do not hesitate to go there before your wedding to discover the different rooms before your big day.

The entrance is in the Henri IV courtyard, then you can go up to the upper rooms by the magnificent main staircase, with beautiful mirrors facing each other. You will therefore arrive at the Paul Gervais room (the former wedding room), then the Henri Martin room, and finally the famous room of the illustrious! The room is illustrious is the room in which you will say yes! With 60 meters long, and 6 meters wide, there is something to be impressed!

What are the conditions for getting married at the town hall of Toulouse?

To get married at the capitol, one of the two bride and groom must reside in Toulouse, or one of the two bride and groom must have a residence in Toulouse, or one of the parents of the two bride and groom must have a residence there. You will find all the information on the Toulouse town hall website.

How will the day of your wedding ceremony in Toulouse unfold?

Weddings are celebrated from Thursday to Saturday at the town hall of Toulouse. Obviously, Saturdays are very popular, and many couples want to have this chance, like you, to unite in this magnificent room.

The town hall will let you know, but the whole group must arrive 30 minutes beforehand in order to head into the Cour Henri IV. Currently, processions are allowed up to 50 people. Do not hesitate to plan a little in advance, the streets of Toulouse can be lively, especially on Saturdays. The car parks in the city center can fill up quickly.

You will wait about thirty minutes in the courtyard, and on the grand staircase. After climbing the steps of the beautiful staircase, you will have time to take a few shots in the different rooms of the Capitole town hall: first the Salle Paul-Gervais, which is the former wedding hall of Toulouse, then the Salle Henri-Martin where you will wait until the last moment.

Your wedding ceremony in the Salle des Illustres de Toulouse

Your guests will go to the magnificent red armchairs in the room, while you wait in the Henri-Martin room. You will have defined beforehand the music on which you wish to enter, and how. The choice of entry is free for everyone. Some choose to enter with one of their parents, others together. If you are under the union of a man and a woman, the family of the woman is on the left side (when looking at the elect).

The ceremony is a civil ceremony consisting of the exchange of consents, the exchange of wedding rings (if you perform it during your civil ceremony) and the signing of the registers. At the end of the ceremony, you will take a group photo with the civil status officer, who will print it out for you in memory of this beautiful day!

What to do after your wedding ceremony?

After your civil ceremony, several options are available to you. 

SIf the day’s agenda allows it, it is possible to have a photo shoot in Toulouse. If you want a Toulouse atmosphere, you can opt for photos in the old streets of the Carmes. If you prefer a more natural atmosphere, you can opt for a session in the Japanese garden, or in the botanical garden.

If you’ve chosen to hold a reception at a religious or secular venue or ceremony, you’ll probably want to get to that new place quickly. 


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