What advice for a successful marriage?

What advice for a successful marriage?

Are you going to get married ? Congratulation ! Here you will find some tips to organize yourself!

I am a wedding photographer and I co-wrote this article with Aude Grosbois , Wedding Planner, for eco-responsible weddings.

How to organize your wedding?

  • To organize your wedding well, you must already be well organized. So do not hesitate to bring your most beautiful notebooks, pens and binders to keep your notes and documents close to you.
  • Start by setting the date with the town hall, and the place of reception. Then come the ceremonial officiant, the photographer and the DJ. All these service providers should preferably be contacted one year in advance.
  • Never sign with a service provider if the feeling does not pass or if there are gray areas on the contract. That’s why we recommend that you have at least one visual meeting (face-to-face or video) before signing the contract, to make sure things are going well. Better to spend time looking for the rare pearl than to take the first comer at the risk of being disappointed.
  • It is imperative to set your budget before starting your preparations. Take the time to take stock of everything you want (or not) for your wedding, set your priorities and above all, take stock of how you are going to finance your desires. There is no right or wrong choice on the budget, it has to suit you.
  • After the budget, comes the retroplanning stage so that you don’t find yourself overwhelmed by your preparations. To do this, make a complete list of all the tasks to be done and divide them according to the time you have. And expect that you have a life outside of your marriage?.
  • Avoid having many changes of location, which will waste your time, and probably your guests! To avoid this, you can plan the civil ceremony on another day (Friday for example).
  • If you don’t have a Wedding Planner, and if you can, delegate to your witnesses!

How to manage the unexpected that could happen?

  • Remember that even in summer it can rain. It is essential to have a backup solution for the reception. Before validating your place, always ask them what their solutions are in case this happens (loan of a room…). You can find some tips in the following blog post .
  • Allow extra time so that you are not bothered by a schedule delay. For this, your service providers will be your best allies in order to tell you the time of each service.
  • Dare to ask for help from your close friends, witnesses and family.
  • Trust the professionals around you, and do not hesitate to ask them for their advice and opinions on the various elements.

How to optimize the photo report of your wedding?

  • Watch out for your guests’ phones and cameras. Indeed, it’s always a shame to have pictures of phones, mainly when you arrive in a place. To avoid this, you can write it on the invitation, the mass booklet, or your secular ceremony. You can also ask the celebrant to remind you at the start.
  • The day will pass really quickly. If you want great photos of certain moments, it’s best to go slow (your guests will thank you because they get to enjoy it twice!).
  • Do not hesitate to choose someone who will take care of the photos. If you have not chosen to take a professional photographer, you can ask one of your guests to take care of it. To avoid too heavy a task, you can ask several different people depending on the moment. It’s really important to only have one person in charge of the photos at any given time, unless you want to risk having the bride and groom not looking at the same photographer. It will also avoid having a second photographer in the background at crucial moments!
  • Group photos can be a long time. To avoid this: plan group photos in advance (places, groups, etc.). The ideal is to plan 10 groups maximum. If you don’t have a wedding planner on site, ask one or two people to help you or the photographer to bring everyone together.
  • Think about the details. Indeed, matching witnesses will always make a beautiful effect on the photos, a buttonhole matching the bouquet.
  • During the preparations, do not hesitate to prepare a small box with all the details in order to photograph them so as not to forget them.
  • If you opt for a secular ceremony, do not hesitate to involve your service providers in the choice of location – a ceremony in full sun is not necessarily a good idea… and your guests may be very hot !
  • If you take a photographer, do not hesitate to ask him his opinion on the layout. You can also invite him to come and visit the estate with you.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for a successful marriage.

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