Why do an engagement session?

Why do an engagement session?

What is an engagement session?

If you are getting married soon, you may have wondered what is called an engagement session.

This is a photo session for two with an engaged couple, before the wedding. The session is usually done a few months before the start of the wedding season, sometimes a few weeks before your big day. This shooting is then carried out by your wedding photographer. If you haven’t chosen your photographer yet, you can find some advice on this article .

The place and the duration can be variable and depend on each couple. The session often lasts longer than a couple photo session in order to take the time to get to know each other. In general, the engagement session lasts several hours in order to take the time to enjoy the present moment together.

Why choose to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer?

The engagement session allows us to get to know each other better, and to become familiar with the objective. This is an opportunity to discuss your wishes, the poses. During this moment, we can then discuss the images to be taken during the couple session of your wedding. Thus, by performing a session before your big day, you will have beautiful couple photos, and less stress on D-Day!

In addition, by performing a session before your ceremony, you will have beautiful images for your announcement!

When and where to hold an engagement session?

An engagement session takes place a few months before your ceremony, or a few weeks.

The ideal way to achieve this beautiful session is at sunrise, or at sunset. This way you will have a nice light. Moreover, by choosing a morning session, there is a good chance that you will be alone with your photographer to take these pretty shots!

The place will depend on your choice and your desires. If you live in Toulouse, the banks of the Garonne at sunrise is a sublime place! It is also possible to do the session in the middle of nature.

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