Dance in Toulouse!

Among my many passions, apart from photography, there are dance and sport. Student of a dance school, especially in classical, contemporary and rock, I particularly enjoyed making these beautiful photo shoots. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I invite you to read this article.

Dance Photo Session in Toulouse with

 Ramiro Gomez-Samon,  Star of the Ballet du Capitole

Sofia Caminiti, Ballet du Capitole dancer

courtesy of the Théâtre du Capitole ,  and Uclapclap


At the beginning of July in Toulouse, the days can be very hot and very  sunny. In order to carry out this magnificent session, we therefore agreed to meet at 6:00 in the morning. We then begin the session on the banks of the Garonne to take advantage of the beautiful light of the sunrise. Afterwards, we end the session in the streets of Toulouse. 

Photo session with Iuliia

I met Iuliia, through her Instagram account. She gives stretching lessons in Toulouse.

We did this first photo shoot in Toulouse on a very cloudy day in December. This is why the session is almost entirely in black and white. The streets of Toulouse were at that time incredibly fast. Indeed, the session took place in December 2020. At that time, restaurants and shops were still closed.

Between flexibility and Toulouse streets, welcome to this new session!

Dance photo session in Toulouse, with Alice

When photography meets classical dance in Toulouse. On this first session, the model is Alice, Flexyalys that you can find on Instagram and TikTok.

I met Alice on Instagram, at the start of this project, in February 2020.

Photo session with Issa

Issa is a Hammock Stech teacher, Aerial Hammock and event organizer.

You can view his work on his social media .

Photo session with Irina

Irina is a yoga teacher, we met through social networks. She comes from Russia and was living in Toulouse at that time. You can find his profile on social networks, especially Instagram.

Dance photo session in Toulouse, with Amandine

Amandine is a student at the dance school where I myself practice classical and contemporary dance, Amplitude Danse. In Toulouse. We met in classical dance class during the 2020-2021 season. We then decided to carry out part of this project together in Toulouse. This last session was carried out in December 2021.

Check out an excerpt from the photo shoot below.